Manor Farm, Alton, Hants GU34 3BD
10 Mar 2017

RIP Sweep

Sweep, who died aged 14. Our farm sheepdog, he took his principal career quite seriously and was passionate about it but he also saw himself as a pet, gundog, hound and giant terrier.
He never lacked for enthusiasm and self belief and he thought that he alone knew of the best method of directing the sheep, even if it meant taking them in a different direction from the one his handler had told him to.
He was gentle and would take a chew-stick from a human hand with all the delicacy of a bomb disposal expert removing a fuse from a ticking device. And he would enter his kennel plastered in mud, and come out the next morning as clean as a whistle, although his methods remained secret.
A much loved and loyal member of our farming family. We will miss you Sweep.