Manor Farm, Alton, Hants GU34 3BD

Serious about Countryside Management

At Manor Farm we take our responsibilities as custodians of the countryside very seriously. We participate in various Countryside Stewardship schemes, meaning that we undertake to farm in an environmentally sensitive way.

Managing our Acreage

The Manor Farm acreage includes 25 acres of woodland. These copses were planted by previous generations for uses on the farm such as making hurdles, fence posts and firewood. The farm buggy (pictured) is used by us to check the livestock, fences and crops every day and all guests who stay at our Feather Down campsite enjoy a private farm tour.

Biodiversity at Manor Farm

A floralistically enhanced grass margin borders this and many of our arable field, providing cover for ground nesting birds and a place for insects to thrive.

Sheltered Corridors

Most of our fields are surrounded by hedgerows creating wildlife corridors linking different habitats. For example we know on our farm this links two areas of wilder land and enables hares and dormice to safely cross from one side to the other.

Public Footpaths

Situated on the edge of the South Downs National Park we have a huge network of footpaths crossing our land and walkers are welcome. Please keep dogs on a lead while walking through our livestock fields.

More Biodiversity!

This field has been planted with sunflowers and is teeming with deer during the summer months. A bird friendly crop, helps provide food for them and protect them from predators.

Healthy Environment for Birds

An ever-growing number of lapwings reside in these meadows.

Barn Owls and Other Birds

Barn Owls Boxes have been placed in strategic positions – ask Luki where they are when you visit. Also look out for Kestrels/Green Woodpecker/Tawny Owls/Little Owls etc they all dwell on Manor Farm.

+ Sheep
+ Metres of hedgerow
Small woods (copses)
+ Public footpaths